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“When Brexit happened, I took it personally”

Mirjami: “When Brexit happened, I took it personally. I come from an immigrant family and had been exposed to racism and stereotyping throughout my childhood. I was born in Finland but my parents are Chinese so I’ve always felt like an outsider. When I moved to London, I felt like everyone came from elsewhere for the first time; everyone looked different, everyone felt like they belonged. That made me feel like I belonged here too.

After the Brexit vote, I felt that same feeling I had felt as a kid, like I’m not wanted and I’m just a nuisance to the locals. That made me bitter and angry and I felt this massive gap between me and British people. As Adam himself is British, sometimes I felt that gap between us too, even though he did not feel the same way. Adam also resented the referendum result, but he has always remained nonchalant in his belief that it won’t have any bearing on our relationship and future.” 

With the support of Affinity Photo for iPad, Studio 1854 commissioned photographer Laura Pannack to create a series of portraits that question what Brexit means for love. During the photo shoot, Studio 1854 interviewed each couple about the impact the vote was having on their relationship. 

Read the full editorial, originally published on British Journal of Photography, here.

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