© Nichole Sobecki/VII

What role does photography play in the current environmental crisis?

The question of how to react to, and frame, the sensitive situations one may be confronted with when documenting environmental issues is an important one. Should one endeavour to remain objective, or is it inevitable that the work will be coloured by personal views?

Nichole Sobecki emphasises the importance of compassion when meeting with individuals or communities. “It is essential to be sensitive to those who allow you the privilege of witnessing their lives, and to listen deeply to their perspectives and boundaries,” she explains. However, the photographer also acknowledges that her work is inherently subjective: “I’ll never claim objectivity. My role is to go in and make a comment on something.”

Words: Hannah Abel-Hirsch

Throughout the Fractured Stories competition submission period, Studio 1854 wrote a series of editorials profiling photographers making environmentally focused work. Nichole Sobecki, Benoit Aquin and Toby Smith discussed the importance of undertaking a long-term environmentally focused project.

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