© Sara Galbiati, Peter Eriksen and Tobias Markussen

The power of the photography collective

Photography is often seen as a solo pursuit. Sara Galbiati, Peter Eriksen and Tobias Markussen, however, do things differently; in 2015 the Copenhagen-based photographers formed a collective.

“It is quite simple: we believe that we are more accomplished when we collaborate,” they say. “It is liberating to distance yourself from the ego of the individual photographer. Working as part of a collective has created more energy and room to make engaging work. We also push, provoke and inspire each other in so many ways, which means that we never stop exploring new possibilities in our photography. It is a much more fluent and organic way of working. There is a consciousness about the collective, and we never say who took which image. The point is to work together to make strong collaborative work.”

Words: Anya Lawrence

Throughout the Postcards from Copenhagen competition submission period, Studio 1854 wrote a series of editorials profiling photographers that live and work in the Danish capital.

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