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Peter Holliday: Inside Copenhagen’s amateur space programme

“Copenhagen is one of the few cities in the world where you can build and test rockets in a car park.” Peter Holliday is referring to a stretch of tarmac situated on the northern tip of Amager East, an island neighbourhood just a short bike ride away from central Copenhagen. This vast industrial area is the perfect setting for artists’ studios; its close proximity to the water makes it an ideal place to launch rockets.

Copenhagen Suborbitals, the world’s only amateur space programme, has been based in the area since its founding in 2008. Funded solely by donations from space and rocket enthusiasts around the world, to date, the organisation has launched four home-built rockets and space capsules from a ship in the Baltic Sea. Its ultimate aim? To fly an amateur astronaut into space and safely back again.

Words: Anya Lawrence

Peter Holliday is one of three photographers who, over a long weekend, travelled to Copenhagen and created a new body of work inspired by the Danish capital. The project was organised by Studio 1854, with the support of Visit Copenhagen.

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