© Noah Addis

Nina Berman and Noah Addis capture the US fracking boom

“When I started this project, the major US media outlets were gushing over themselves trying to do story after story about the fracking miracle,” says the award-winning photojournalist Nina Berman, referencing her participation in the Marcellus Shale Documentary Project. Initiated by the photographer Brian Cohen in late-2011, and comprising Berman and five other photographers – Noah Addis, Lynn Johnson, Scott Goldsmith and Martha Rial – the MSDP crisscrossed the Pennsylvanian portion of the Marcellus Shale, along with areas in neighbouring states, investigating the myriad social, environmental and economic impacts of fracking playing out along it. “I know that the work has changed the conversation,” she continues, “you don’t see such positive stories around fracking anymore.”

Words: Hannah Abel-Hirsch

Throughout the Fractured Stories competition submission period, Studio 1854 wrote a series of editorials profiling photographers making environmentally focused work. Nina Berman and Noah Addis discussed their experiences of documenting the impacts of fracking in the US.  

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