© Laura Stevens

Laura Stevens’ instinctual approach to photography

Laura Stevens’ approach to the Postcards from Copenhagen commission was distinctively observational. She looked for poignant moments: the perfect light, a certain positioning of a limb or a flyaway wisp of hair, the subtle framing of a subject matter. When a camera is in Stevens’ hand, instinct takes hold. She pauses, mid-step, upon noticing a certain flicker of light; tramples upon brambles; and edges down muddy water banks. Preferring the soft natural light of the mornings and evenings, each day of the commission Stevens was up at dawn and photographing until dusk. “I always find it difficult to shoot in full sunshine,” she writes in her journal. “I prefer clouds, mist, and trouble.”

Words: Anya Lawrence

Laura Stevens is one of three photographers who, over a long weekend, travelled to Copenhagen and created a new body of work inspired by the Danish capital. Stevens’ project explores the city’s unique relationship with water. The project was organised by Studio 1854, with the support of Visit Copenhagen.

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