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Laura Pannack: Love and its many mysteries

Love is one of life’s mysteries. It is something that most can relate to and yet there is no one emotion that defines it. Love can bring elation, but it can also bring despair. For portrait photographer Laura Pannack, it is the mysterious and multifarious nature of love that draws her to the topic.

“Photography, for me, is all about mystery. Ever since I started taking portraits I have been fascinated with the different identities that we have and what we choose to show people,” she says. “I am also intrigued by the secrets that we all hold. I think of most relationships as manifestations of our fantasies. We have an ideal fantasy of who our partner is and we maintain that fantasy because that is why we are in that relationship. I find it interesting how we try to control a relationship by showing or hiding things. As relationships evolve we might reveal more of ourselves or the opposite. We tailor and control the identity or persona that we want to reveal to somebody else in order to fulfil a fantasy.”

Words: Anya Lawrence

During the casting period for Separation, a commission in which Laura Pannack created a series of portraits exploring what Brexit could mean for bi-national couples, Studio 1854 wrote a series of editorials exploring the theme of love. 

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