Laura Pannack: What does Brexit mean for love?

“We were planning to get married at some point in the future but Brexit hurried us along. We got married six months ago in the hope that it would provide extra security in the UK for me, and also so Stuart could start applying for Italian citizenship. We are both actively looking for jobs in Italy so we can move there as soon as possible. Ideally, we want to be out of the country by the time Brexit has had full effect” – Giulia


Giulia and Stuart. © Laura Pannack

The project 

Brexit has long garnered column inches for its political implications, but what does it mean for love? In early-2018, Studio 1854 commissioned award-winning photographer Laura Pannack to create a series of portraits that explore the angst and myriad emotions experienced by London-based couples who, as a result of Brexit, have been forced to contemplate separation.

Studio 1854 interviewed each couple to better understand the impact of Brexit on their relationship. Seven films were also commissioned, giving viewers an insight into both the couples’ stories and the making of the series. Studio 1854 managed all elements of the commission, including casting, filmmaking and shoot direction.

The commission was created with Affinity Photo, the only fully functioning photo editing software available for iPad. Named Apple’s iPad App of the Year 2017, Affinity Photo for iPad was used by Pannack throughout the four-day shoot to instantly review and develop her creative approach to the project. Pannack’s bold approach to the set design – namely, the manipulation of latex to create a translucent divide which also allowed the couple’s limbs to intertwine – made Affinity Photo for iPad integral to achieving the final portraits.


Mirjami and Adam. © Laura Pannack


Giacomo and Glenn. © Laura Pannack

“When Brexit happened, I took it personally. I come from an immigrant family and had been exposed to racism and stereotyping throughout my childhood. After the Brexit vote, I felt that same feeling I had felt as a kid” – Mirjami


Photo Vogue Festival
Milan, 2018

London, 2018

Press coverage

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The couples who fear Brexit may ruin their relationships





“The Affinity Photo for iPad campaign with Studio 1854 both met and surpassed our expectations. 1854’s uniquely compelling creative concept, the quality of the talent they were able to bring to the table and their audience reach and influence succeeded in showcasing the creative potential of our award-winning software to millions of potential customers around the world.”

– John Atkin, Head of PR, Serif (Europe) Limited

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