Portrait of Humanity is a timely reminder that we are all united by our shared humanity. These images show us the world through the eyes of photographers from all over the globe,  capturing the many faces of humanity, and documenting the universal expressions of life.

This year, for the first time, the word will be shown a Portrait of Humanity, the most ambitious and inclusive photography project ever undertaken. 

200 portraits selected from amongst 28,000 entries will be exhibited across five continents to tens of millions of people, making Portrait of Humanity the largest exhibition in history by audience numbers.

The Portrait of Humanity Final Shortlist 2019

Scroll down to view the 200 Images selected from 28,000 entries



© Roland 'Kilimanjaro' Blazejewski


by Roland ‘Kilimanjaro’ Błażejewski

Berlin, Germany

I met this couple in Berlin. They were sitting together on the side of a street when I started a conversation with them. We talked for a long time and the  man repeated, ‘We are a family, we are together, we are strong’ over and over. When I got up to leave I glanced back at them and took this photograph.

© Bente Marei Stachowske

Mother and Daughter

by Bente Marei Stachowske

Mediterranean Sea, close to the Libyan coast

I joined the crew of a rescue ship as it patrolled international waters in search of refugees. This mother and baby were rescued from a rubber dinghy.

© Johanna Berghorn

Mother and Daughter: 80 and 50 Years on Earth

by Johanna Berghorn

Valencia, Spain

There is something special about motherly love.
It has an intensity and strength I can’t put into words.

© Camila Falcão


by Camila Falcão

São Paulo, Brazil

When I was photographing Onika she told me about her experience of transitioning: from the side effects of the hormonal therapy to how good it felt to have curves. But she also talked about the violence against transgender people in Brazil.

© Charlie Kwai

Captain America

by Charlie Kwai

Mexico City, Mexico

This Mexican boy dressed as Captain America walked unaccompanied down a street in Mexico City.

© Sam Robinson


by Sam Robinson

London, UK

Under the Same Sun

by Marinka Masséus

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The superstitions surrounding albinism run deep in Tanzanian society. Many children are rejected by their families and live in camps where they are often mistreated.

© Marinka Masséus

Face to Faith

by Samuel Zuder

Mount Kailash, Tibet

These two friends – pilgrims – were dressed almost identically and looked like twins to me. They had travelled thousands of kilometres to worship at the holy mountain.

Special Eagles

by Jack Lawson

Lagos, Nigeria

Limb amputation is commonplace in Nigeria, especially among young men. Primary causes include diabetic complications and trauma, such as road accidents. One group of amputees refusing to be held back is the country’s amputee football team, Special Eagles. Football has brought these men together and they share an incredible bond.

© Jack Lawson

© Sebastiân Delgado Caicedo

Keep Moving

by Sebastián Delgado Caicedo

Cúcuta, Colombia

In 2008, the Giraldo family fled from danger in Colombia and lived in Venezuela for seven years until they were ordered to leave. They left behind the life they had built to face an uncertain future in their home country.

© Tajette O'Halloran

You Can Post This After I Die

by Tajette O’Halloran

Boca Raton, Florida, USA

I took this photograph one evening while staying with my grandma. She was undressing from the day and I was about to hop into the shower. As I walked through her room to use her en-suite bathroom, she looked at me and said, ‘Oi vey, what a figure!’ She then stood next to me, shrugged, and lifted up her breasts to where they might have sat 58 years ago when she was my age. I laughed and laughed and Grandma giggled her infectious little giggle. She died on 11 March 2018 at the age of 94 and I can still hear her voice: ‘Put that damn camera away!’

© Anna Berry


by Anna Berry

Milton Keynes, UK

I met Lissy in a feminist group and found her to be incredibly fierce yet vulnerable. Her demeanour in this image is queenly, magnificent and unapologetic, and yet there is a sadness too.

No Man’s Land

by Pieter de Vos

KwaMhlanga, South Africa

Christopher has spent most of his life on the economic margins of South Africa despite his dogged pursuit of employment and stable housing. ‘I was a street kid,’ he said. ‘The kid that grows up on the street is in no man’s land.’

© Pieter de Vos

My Wife and Daughter, Hotel Bathroom

by Jeff Borkowski

Burlington, Vermont, USA

© Jeff Borkowski

Looking Back

by Marina Sersale

Rome, Italy

© Marina Sersale

Materic Water #1

by Bruna Rotunno

Bali, Indonesia

I was looking out of the window from my hotel room that overlooked a swimming pool. No guests were swimming because of heavy rain, but suddenly this little girl leapt into the water.

© Bruna Rotunno

© Manon Ouimet

Portrait of Dan

by Manon Ouimet

London, UK

Dan lost his arm and shoulder in a motorbike accident. ‘Beauty is about knowing and accepting who you are,’ he says. ‘I would class myself as a lucky guy because I am comfortable in my own skin.’

Mateo Trujillo Takes a Dip

by Álvaro Maria Gómez-Pidal

Jaén, Spain

The water was cold and Mateo was fearful but he ventured in anyway.

© Álvaro Maria Gómez Pidal

Amadou Sumaila

by Cesar Dezfuli

Mediterranean Sea, Libya

Amadou, a young Malian, moments after he and 117 fellow travellers were rescued from the sea. The boat he was on had only departed Libya a short while earlier.

© Cesar Dezfuli

© Guoman Liao


by Guoman Liao

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Charles is a friend who I met on a photo shoot. He is a model and student from Kelowna, Canada. I used the flower as a contrast to my subject, and to show both the gentleness and masculinity of Charles.

© Bartlomiej Jurecki

As Hard as a Rock

by Bartłomiej Jurecki

Witów, Poland

Wladyslaw Stopka Faktor lives in a house he built and has a small farm in Tatra County, a region where highlanders’ faces are marked by struggle and pride. Highlanders are tough, but their hearts are big. Wladyslaw has worked as a carpenter and can also sew. ‘God has given me manual skills and poverty has taught me everything.’

© Roman Shalenkin

Worker, Coal Factory

by Roman Shalenkin

Mezhdurechensk, Russia

This is 28-year-old Alyona who works in a coal factory. When I spoke to her she said that everyone always asks why she works in such a dark, damp, dirty place. ‘It is necessary to have a vocation and this is mine,’ she said. ‘I do not imagine anything else.’

An Excavator Emerges from an 80-100ft Shaft

by Ty Faruki

Kigali, Rwanda

A volunteer searches for victims of the Rwandan genocide at an excavation site. In April 2018, four mass graves concealing the remains of tens of thousands of people were discovered.

© Ty Faruki

The Quaker

by Phil Melia

Manchester, UK

I saw this gentleman outside the Friends’ Meeting House in Manchester, where the city’s quaker community meet regularly. His beliefs of truth, integrity, simplicity, equality, peace and sustainability were not only represented in his public display but also in his persona.

© Phil Melia

© Alice Zoo

Woman in Blue Cap

by Alice Zoo

London, UK

Ray swims daily at the Ladies’ Pond in Hampstead Heath, even in winter when water temperatures reach as low as -1°C. When it’s really cold, she wears rubber gloves secured with elastic bands.

© Sarah Weal

Stern Unicorn

by Sarah Weal

Lewes, UK

I took this photograph of 10-year-old Ella backstage at a production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. She had a fantastic gaze.

© Katinka Herbert

Luis Patterson Arboine, Cuban National Fencing Team

by Katinka Herbert Havana


Puja Ceremony

by Martin Hartley

Padham, India

Men in a remote village in the Indian Himalayas gather together for a prayer reading during a Puja ceremony.

© Martin Hartley

Dervish Whisper

by Dilan Bozyel

Istanbul, Turkey

My friend Alper Akçay, a whirling dervish, performs a Samâ dance [a sacred ritual among Sufis who are also known as ‘mystic Muslims’].

© Dilan Bozyel

Russian Colonel

by Isabela Pacini

Moscow, Russia

Boris Nikolaev is a colonel in the Russian Armed Forces. I photographed him in his home in Moscow where he lives with his wife and daughter.

© Isabela Pacini


by Olly Burn

Hanksville, Utah, USA

This is Commander Cassandra Klos at the Mars Desert Research Station, which is owned and operated by the Mars Society. Its primary function is to simulate life as it would be on Mars.

© Olly Burn

© Kevin Faingnaert

Shepherd Andrew Quinn

by Kevin Faingnaert

Kilkee, Ireland

© Iorgis Matyassy

Faso on the Horse

by Iorgis Matyassy

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Faso is a horseman and master of equestrian vaulting. I was impressed by how easily he got the horse to lie down, as though the animal was a pet dog.

© Javier Cortés Lloret

Maisie and Amy

by Javier Cortés

London, UK

Driving on Ice

by Marco Marcone

Yamal, Siberia, Russia

A Nenets boy plays while his father and grandfather are out hunting. Nenets people are famous for herding reindeer but their way of life is under threat from the extraction of natural resources, pollution and climate change.

© Marco Marcone

© Frankie Caradonna

Daydreaming and Commuting

by Frankie Caradonna

London, UK

© Joey Carrapichano

Circles of Light

by Joey Carrapichano

Red Hill, South Africa

This is Given Mlalazi who is originally from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. He is the nephew of a friend of mine and lives in Red Hill, a shanty town close to the Cape Peninsula. The shacks and small dwellings of Red Hill are inhabited by a diverse population of African people, but levels of violent crime are high. People live very basic lives in an environment where anything can happen.

Silver Dressed as ‘Lazlo’

by Ellie Smith

Birmingham, UK

Silver’s costume was so different to anything else. I had seen at Birmingham Comic Con. There was something endearing about the way she was walking along carrying her character’s head under her arm.

© Ellie Smith

Surfing Iran

by Giulia Frigieri

Ramin, Iran

Since 2013, Shahla Yasini has been challenging stereotypes of Middle Eastern women by pioneering the surfing scene in southeast Iran. She represents a new Iranian youth who are proud, courageous and ready to fight for their freedom.

© Giulia Frigieri

Fardouse and Ahmed

by Georgina Goodwin

Armale, Somalia

Fardouse Ibrahim Aden, 22, shares a quiet moment with her youngest child, one-year-old Ahmed. At the health centre she has access to nutrition supplements for her children who are suffering from malnutrition as a result of a two-year drought in the Sanaag region.

© Georgina Goodwin

Drag Racing

by Kunal Gupta

Karnataka, India

Kambala is an annual festival centered around the traditional buffalo race, a popular and unique sport among Karnataka’s farming community. Teams from across Karnataka and Tamil Nadu race pairs of buffalo down muddy paddy fields.

© Kunal Gupta

© David Cantor

Samy Chabani

by David Cantor

London, UK

Samy was raised in western France but towards adulthood he found it challenging to reconcile the conservatism of his home region with his own flamboyant nature. Samy moved to London where he found the freedom to be himself.

© Sam Armstrong

Boulaye and Hamza

by Sam Armstrong

Paris, France

I was walking down a quiet street in Paris when I came across a basketball court sandwiched between two large buildings. It was bursting with colours and I heard echoes of balls bouncing and kids’ laughter. I returned to the court every day for months, got to know the people and slowly started taking some pictures.

© Stephanie Diani


by Stephanie Diani

New York City, New York, USA

Brianna came to my studio for a portrait session. I was going to change the light on her but as she stood and waited she turned just enough so that her face was mostly shadowed but her eyes still glowed.

Life Goes On

by Marco Panzetti

Settimo Torinese, Italy

Fatima, originally from Mali, arrived in Italy after crossing the Mediterranean Sea during the migrant crisis. Fatima was with her husband, and she was pregnant. When I met her, she was waiting for her asylum request to be processed. I took this photograph at the entrance of her tent in the reception camp for asylum seekers where she was hosted.

© Marco Panzetti

Niyonshuti Daniel

by Patricia Gutiérrez

Kayonza, Rwanda

Niyonshuti was five years old when he became an orphan and found himself living in the streets. At the age of 10 he was taken in by the Streets Ahead Children’s Centre Association and had the chance to go to school. At 26, Niyonshuti graduated from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Rwanda.

© Patricia Gutierrez

© Karan Kumar Sachdev

Madgo and Lokkhmi

by Karan Kumar Sachdev

Odisha, India

Madgo and Lokkhmi belong to the Dongria Kondh tribe. They are friends and live in the same village in the Niyamgiri Hills where they grew up together.


by Mateusz Baj

Melnyki, Ukraine

© Mateusz Baj

Band of Brothers

by Linelle Deunk

Mukono District, Uganda

© Linelle Deunk

© Karsten Thormaehlen

The Kiss

by Karsten Thormaehlen

Los Angeles, California, USA

Ninety-nine-year-old Betty has been married to 101-year-old Morrie for almost eight decades. They have travelled the world together.

© Neil Thomas

Machine Gun Motherhood

by Neil Thomas

Omo Valley, Ethiopia

This woman belongs to the Mursi tribe. Mostly it is the men who are armed, but she told me her husband was away and so she had to take over his role as protector of the family and their livestock.

© Darren Smith

Red Light Sanctuary

by Darren Smith

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cherry Poppins is a Dutch drag queen and performer. She is known as a funky, energetic, creative, fierce, fabulous soul-mama.


by Luca Bracali

Khövsgöl Aimag, Mongolia

The Tsaatan people herd reindeer, but theirs is a precarious way of life. In late summer, the rainy season arrives and with it lightning, which ignites forests and kills reindeer. In these conditions milking the reindeer is dangerous and women often cover their hair with cloth to protect against static electricity.

© Luca Bracali

Giuseppe in Paris

by Magnus Cederlund

Paris, France

He came every day to feed the pigeons and really loved it, so he danced with them.

© Magnus Cederlund

Ijtima Praying

by Kaan Yuan Chiam

Dhaka, Bangladesh

A congregation of devout muslims turns towards Mecca to pray.

© Chiam Kaan Yuan

© Jorn Tomter

Kids of Hackney #5

by Jørn Tomter

London, UK

Children at Kingsmead Primary School in Hackney lie on the ground and look up. Perhaps they are doing something we have all done, which is to contemplate what is ahead and what is out there.

© Eva Vonk

The Story Tree

by Pieter Henket

Mbomo District, Congo

We asked this group of kids if they could climb into the tree and within 20 seconds they had placed themselves in these spots. They have participated in storytelling workshops set up by Tales of Us, an organisation who communicates the urgency of protecting the world’s most powerful and fragile ecosystems and the people who call them home. The kids’ stories became the inspiration for a series of photographs called Congo Tales.

Blind Trust

by Jon Spangsvig

Bisidimo, Ethiopia

Four ladies who have just received local anaesthetic are minutes from getting potentially life-changing cataract surgery. Even though they don’t know each other they find comfort in sitting close, touching and feeling.

© Jon Spangsvig

Coal People

by Maxim Marmur

Kuzbass, Siberia, Russia

© Maxim Marmur

© John Nassari


by John Nassari

London, UK

© Murat Ozkasim

Nancy Harris

by Murat Ozkasim

Leeds, UK

‘I was 28 when I had an accident on a trampoline and my leg was amputated above the knee 18 months later. It made me grieve for the active person I once was [as a former dancer and gymnast] but gradually I began to accept the new me and rediscovered my competitive spirit. I have achieved more as an amputee than I ever did before and absolutely love pushing myself. There are no limits anymore.’ – Nancy Harris, model

© Patrick Gries

Kefulazia Juma

by Patrick Gries

Shinyanga, Tanzania

Because albinism affects the production of melanin – the pigment that colours skin, hair and eyes – many albinos have serious problems with their vision. Some, like Kefulazia, have a hard time opening their eyes at all when the light is strong. Kefulazia lives in a ‘school’ where some 120 children with albinism are confined.

© Andrea Zvadova


by Andrea Zvadova

London, UK

Albinism, though beautiful and unique, is still misunderstood. Joanne is a young albino woman. She has an incredible persona, confidence and drive.

Rian with Friends

by Peyton Fulford

Athens, Georgia, USA

© Peyton Fulford

Embracing Soulmates

by Sabiha Çimen

Istanbul, Turkey

Nehir embraces her soulmate, Yaren, at a school event where they sing songs and eat watermelon. She whispers in her ear a secret that is between just them.

© Sabiha Çimen

© Guoman Liao

Girl with an iPhone

by Guoman Liao

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


by Nour Eddine El Ghoumari

Rif Mountains, Morocco

Sara is five years old. She does not go to school like the other girls in the village. Sara will likely work as a shepherd and help around the house. When she is older, she will get married.

© Nour Eddine El Ghoumari

Mennah Kickboxing

by Anna Mia Davidson

Bothell, Washington, USA

‘I’d like to be seen as a political scientist (I’m studying political science), a representative of my community, a muslim, a female, someone who is politically active, likes to kickbox and perform poetry. I am all of these things.’ – Mennah El-Gammal

© Anna Mia Davidson

Portrait of Bruno Rabbit

by Edu Simões

São Paulo, Brazil

Every day, 59 young Afro-Brazilians are murdered in Brazil. The causes are complex but often involve criminal organisations, police corruption and poverty. Bruno is a ballet dancer who lives in one of São Paulo’s many favelas.

© Edu Simões

Josie Alonzo

by Carolina Sandretto

Havana, Cuba

‘When I was a child I lived in this house with my parents and grandparents. All my family left Cuba after the revolution. Only my late husband and I stayed
to take care of the house.’ – Josie Alonzo

© Carolina Sandretto

© Michal Solarski


by Michal Solarski

Odessa, Ukraine

I met Zlata on the waterfront in Odessa. She had come to the city with her mother to take part in a beauty contest. I thought her Ukrainian dress looked beautiful against the setting sun over the Black Sea. Traditionally, the floral headdresses are worn by young, unmarried women as a sign of their purity; they were once even thought to protect them from evil spirits.

© Máté Bartha

Kontakt XXXV

by Máté Bartha

Tiszafüred, Hungary

I took this photograph at a military-themed summer camp while a few boys were enacting a jungle mission through a swampy area.

© Luka Łukasiak

Remembering Life

by Luka Łukasiak

Warsaw, Poland

This is a portrait of Szymon Bojko when he was 97 years old. The last months of Szymon’s life were difficult. He did not remember many things and wrote down his most important thoughts on small pieces of paper that were distributed everywhere. He was a very charismatic man, an artist, a dandy and a huge womaniser. I spent time with him during the last three years of his life, making portraits of him almost every day.

Born a Refugee: 30-seconds-old Marian

by Georgina Goodwin

Nyarugusu refugee camp, Tanzania

Newborn Marian is one of approximately 10 babies born every day in the maternity wards of Nyarugusu refugee camp’s main hospital. Her mother, Tosha Sangan, arrived in the camp in 1989 after fleeing violence in her native Democratic Republic of Congo.

© Georgina Goodwin

Workers Assess Oil Fires

by Ty Faruki

Al Qayyarah, Iraq

Workers pause for a moment while working to contain oil fires caused by ISIS who set fire to oil fields in Al Qayyarah, Iraq. This was the town’s main source of income. The workers’ main concern was contamination of the local water supply.

© Ty Faruki

The Last Farmer of Largario

by Alfio Tommasini

Largario, Switzerland

At the age of 18, when this portrait was taken, Doris took the place of her mother in managing the family-run farm. She is now the only farmer in the village. Largario is experiencing a constant decline in population as young people move elsewhere to live and work.

© Alfio Tommasini

Burning Oil

by Abbie Trayler-Smith

Al Qayyarah, Iraq

Rana, 38, with her sons Ali and Mohammed stand on the rooftop of their house. ISIS set 19 of the town’s oil wells on fire when they retreated a few months ago and the fires have been burning ever since. Smoke can be seen in the sky up to 60 kilometres away. The fires were eventually extinguished two months after this photograph was taken.

© Abbie Trayler-Smith

© Katharina Dubno

What Still Remains

by Katharina Dubno

Twardawa, Poland

I grew up in Twardawa, a place that once had
a convivial, family-like atmosphere. Now, almost all the farms are gone and only the older generation and a few families remain, while younger people have moved abroad to try to make a better living. I went back after many years to meet and photograph the villagers who still live there and who had a strong connection to their homes and the animals that had been their loyal companions. This is Mr Cichon ́ with his favourite wild duck.

Love at Agbogbloshie

by Natasha Drewnicki

Accra, Ghana

Razak and Rukayå are workers at Agbogbloshie, the world’s largest e-waste dump. It’s where other countries discard their unwanted phones, computers and other electronic goods, and Ghanaians are forced to carve a precarious living through collecting and burning toxic scrap metal, like copper. It was hard to walk in as an outsider. Nobody wants the outside world to witness what goes on there.

© Natasha Drewnicki

Hope Keeper

by Ferhat Celik

Tatvan, Turkey

Muhammed takes his family’s horses to the lake
on weekends to wash them. The area is very cold in the winter with temperatures as low as -20°C but the water comes from a hot spring so it’s warm. He lives in a remote town where terror and poverty is high, and has to work while studying to support his family.

© Ferhat Celik

Under the Skin

by Ying Wang

Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

Sanming Bai is a Mao Zedong impersonator, one of many in China. The makeup he is wearing on one side of his face points to Bai’s experiences as a performer in opera and we also see him in role as Chairman Mao. Bai works as a farmer.

© Ying wang


by Gregor Kuntscher

Manga, Burkina Faso

Twelve-year-old Vincent Adouabou has been deaf since birth and does not speak out loud. He also has a skin condition called vitiligo. The majority of children with disabilities in Burkina Faso have never been to school, but Vincent is lucky and attends a school that champions inclusive education. He is learning sign language and wants to become a doctor.

© Gregor Kuntscher

© Néstor Díaz


by Néstor Díaz

Buenos Aires, Argentina

‘I went through cancer at the same time as my sister, and my brother died from lymphoma. The difficult part is being able to turn adversity into something positive. I was able to achieve this thanks to my family
and friends and I manage to be in the present more than ever.’ – Soledad

© Dustin Thierry


by Dustin Thierry

Berlin, Germany

To this day, homosexuality is stigmatised and condemned within the Caribbean community. With this in mind, I made portraits of members of the black LGBTQ community in Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan and Paris who are part of an underground ballroom scene. The project is an ode to my late brother and all people of Afro-Caribbean descent who are denied the right to express their sexuality freely.

© Nana Varveropoulou


by Nana Varveropoulou

London, UK

I took this portrait of my son for a community art project, the aim of which is to produce a collective portrait of residents in a mixed-tenancy apartment block in Hackney. Emil loves Greek mythology and decided to turn his top into a headdress and pose as a character from one of his books.

Shannon: Going Large on the Costa Del Sol

by Abbie Trayler-Smith

Fuengirola, Spain

I spent a week with Shannon and her best friend on a girls’ holiday in Spain. I have spent eight years photographing Shannon in Sheffield for my project, The Big O, an intimate portrait of the young people behind the UK’s obesity statistics.

© Abbie Trayler-Smith

Woman in Blue

by Louise Amelie and Aljaž Fuis

New York City, New York, USA

Harlem native Latisha walked out of a grocery store in front of this wall. We only had five minutes before she had to leave and I later found out that she is a rapper.

© Louise Amelie & Aljaž Fuis


by Natalie Lennard

Uckfield, UK

Ijeoma Sady, a mother who experienced a breech free birth in water at home, poses in a swimming pool with a silicone baby to represent the ancient roots of waterbirth. Women were known to give birth in shallow sea water and rivers in ancient Crete, Japan, South America and New Zealand.

© Natalie Lennard

Junichi Tajima

by Todd Antony

Honjo, Japan

The Japanese subculture of dekotora, meaning ‘decorated trucks’, stems from the 1970s Torakku Yaro ̄ (‘truck guys’) films. Junichi Tajima is the head of Utamaro Kai, a dekotora association. He said that with the right truck a driver can make even dark times feel bright.

© Todd Antony

© Sam Wright


by Sam Wright

London, UK

Levi Cooper, an amateur teenage boxer, had suffered a tough bout with a bigger opponent, but he stood proud of what he had achieved. Going toe to toe at a young age takes determination, passion, dedication and self-belief. I like to think of this portrait as a metaphor for anyone who has been knocked down but got up and carried on.

Next to Me

by Sandra Zarneshan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This is my husband Fabrizio and our six-week-old son, Filippo. I took this photograph because I was exhausted and didn’t know what else to do. Having a baby shocked me in a way I never expected. I felt that neither my body nor my time belonged to me anymore. Taking the camera in my hands makes me feel like I am still the person I was before.

© Sandra Zarneshan

Motherly Love

by Federico Tisa

Turin, Italy

Angela, a young Nigerian woman, pictured with her newborn daughter, Gift.

© Federico Tisa

© David Dufeal

Maeli and Luna

by David Dufeal

Paris, France

© Peter Voerman

Young Twins #3

by Peter Voerman

Westervelde, The Netherlands

I put an ad in the local paper inviting twins to take part in a photography project. I photographed 50 sets of twins including these seven-year-old girls, Mayte and Amaya, who visited me with their mother. They didn’t speak much but it was obvious they were very close. Mayte is not afraid of anything and Amaya acts first and then thinks.

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