65% of all photography graduates are female, yet only 15% of commercial
photography work is commissioned to female photographers.

Why the disparity and what can be done to set it right?

Studio 1854 invites you to an evening of lively discussions including Ali Hanan of Creative EqualsAlessandra Lariu of She Says and moderated by Creative Review Editor Eliza William and Alice Zoo from British Journal of Photography

Two panels of photographers and commissioning decision-makers will debate the core points of gender imbalance in assigning work – framed in the wider context of equality and diversity issues within agencies and marketing, where creative leaders tend to be men.

Learn about other participants’ experiences, raise your own questions and find out what can realistically be done now to achieve a more equal distribution of work among photographers of all persuasions.

Sorry, this event is now fully booked.

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This event forms part of Studio 1854 and British Journal of Photography’s mission to help the best photographers reach their creative potential. Other initiatives include brand-supported commissions for female photographers, such as our recent BreakingBarriers commission in conjunction with adidas, and our Female in Focus award celebrating top female photographers.

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