Studio 1854 works with photographers to create narrative-led projects that explore the world we live in. By focusing on themes that are culturally and socially relevant, our commissions offer paid opportunities for photographers to collaborate with clients on projects that matter.

Our bespoke commissioning platform – 1854 Commissions – matches contemporary photographic talent with clients to achieve the best possible results. We share client briefs with our global community and select the optimum candidate based on a range of factors including style, creative approach and past work. 

Clients, we offer two types of commissions. 

For a managed commission we publish your creative brief on 1854 Commissions and select a photographer most suited to it. We contract them on your behalf and oversee the assignment to ensure that they fulfil your objectives. 

For a creative commission, we work with you to develop a creative brief in line with your objectives. We publish this on 1854 Commissions and select a shortlist of photographers who each submit a creative concept. We select the strongest candidate and work with them to develop their approach and ensure that they fulfil your objectives. 

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1854 Access membership is an essential tool for all aspiring and working photographers. Access members get priority access to apply for paid commissions working with major ethical corporations and media brands, as well as inspiration by the latest stories from British Journal of Photography and free entry to all five of 1854 Media’s awards.

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